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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Top 5 Edition

Little written news out there regarding the Texans? No problem, for we have videos and various top 5 lists to keep us entertained. Somewhat.

NFL Network is doing a rundown of who they believe are the top five players at each position entering the upcoming season. As expected, some Texans have made a few of the lists. First business of order is the top five middle linebackers. Somehow this list ended up being six linebackers, due to a tie between Bart Scott from the New York Jets and Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears for the fifth spot. The good news is Captain Meco did manage third place on this list, ahead of Scott, Urlacher and Jon Beason of the Carolina Panthers. Landing ahead of DeMeco on the list are Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens and Patrick Willis representing the San Francisco 49ers. Though there's an argument to be had for DeMeco being ahead of Lewis, overall it's a pretty fair list. Part of what makes Beason, DeMeco, and Willis so amazing is their age--all are only 24 years old. Imagining how much these guys will progress in a few years is a scary thought. Let's just hope DeMeco is still wearing a Texans uniform in that time... Hey, Mr. Smith, how are you?

Next up is the top five edge rushers. This list actually fits the rule of being limited to only five players. Surprisingly low on this list is the reigning defensive player of the year, James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers. At number four is the one and only, Super Mario. If this was a list of the best complete defensive ends, our man would certainly be much higher on this list, but in terms of pure speed rushing ability, it's a reasonable placing. In order, Shawne Merriman, Jared Allen (...) and all twenty of DeMarcus Ware's sacks round out the list.

Surprisingly, Dominique Barber managed to find a home at number three on the list of top five safeties. I'm kidding... or am I?

The Texans website compiled a list of what they believe are the top five gutsiest plays in Texans history. In chronological order, they have Billy Miller's touchdown catch (the first in Texans history), David Carr's touchdown dive against the Jaguars in 2003, Kris Brown's game winner against the Colts in 2006, 'Dre's miraculous fourth and ten catch against the Dolphins last year and Matt Schaub's subsequent quarterback draw to win the game. It's a pretty good list, one that's hard to argue with. The real question is, which one is the gutsiest? When I think of gutsy, I think of a gutsy play call, since it's hard to define what exactly gutsy is on the field. Miller did what he was supposed to do when he dove for the end zone, Kris Brown did his job by nailing the obvious field goal try in that situation and 'Dre didn't do anything we don't expect of him. So that leaves us with Carr's dive and Schaub's draw. Since I refuse to believe Carr deserves any place on this wonderful list, I have to give it to Kubiak's decision to go with the draw in a situation like that.

Lastly, SportingNews gives us their Texans season preview. Nothing unusual here. Defense is the key. It's funny to note that according to SN, all of a sudden Eugene Wilson is a SS and Nick Ferguson mans the FS position.