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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Hazing Edition

Everyone is preparing for camp, especially the players who uniformly seem to dread the experience.  Antonio Smith blogged about the routine of getting ready for camp, and also admitted that he was slightly looking forward to it this year since it is his first with the Texans.  He also went into minimal detail about the practice of hazing rookies, which he seems to enjoy greatly.

Nick Scurfield of the official site broke down five things to look for during Texans training camp.  In the piece he discusses position battles, continued contract issues, breakthrough players and the new defensive philosophy.  I know the franchise is only 7 seasons old, but it still sounds sad that Dunta is the record holder for interceptions with 13. 

The Texans currently have 82 players on their roster but have to get down to 53 by final cuts.  Jeremy Rice lists out everyone and makes predictions on who he believes will be wearing Steel Blue come September.  If you disagree with Rice's assessment, I'd love to hear why in the comments.

Camp starts tomorrow so this should be the last day of lackluster and absent links.  If anyone is going to the practice tomorrow, which is open to the public, I'd love to hear about what you saw.  Just a few more weeks until the season starts.