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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Camp Finally Here Edition

Gary Kubiak talked to the press last night on the eve of training camp.  Most of the press conference was centered around the success of this year's season, but he did note that Antwaun Molden, Travis Johnson and Anthony Hill will all start camp on the Player Unable to Preform (PUP) list.  One name not on that list is Amobi Okoye, whom Kubiak stated was going to take it slow at first.  Also from the official site, Vonta Leach has started the locker room mantra of "Playoffs or Bust."

Two players who will likely not be at camp today are Dunta Robinson and Owen Daniels.  Dunta is under no penalty since he has not signed his franchise tag tender, but OD is subject to $17,000.00 a day in losses.  I think that Daniels might miss a few days to make a point, but it's hard to take that hit over 5 weeks of training camp, especially with a rookie like James Casey wainting in the wings.  Casey obviously doesn't have OD's résumé but if Smithiak decides to play hardball they do have somewhat of a backup option.

The Chronicle makes the point that DelJuan Robinson is trying to make the best of Travis Johnson's absence.  I would think that at this point is Robinson's job to lose, and the player with the most to gain from Johnson's absence is Frank Okam.  I'd be really interested to hear from anyone going to camp about how Okam looks over the weekend.

Lastly, for anyone that enjoyed Part One of the podcast between myself and Diehard Chris, here's the follow-on Part Two.  In this part Chris and I discuss players on the hot seat, players who's good play is integral for success, and we went over most of the rookie class.  I'd like to thanks Chris again for having me.  Hope you all enjoy.