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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Day 10 Recap Edition

Am I late? A little bit. OK, really late. Alarm problems? Hey, at least I'm here damnit. Let's ignore my tardiness and recap the day's links.

Andre Davis continues to impress in camp. Remember two seasons ago when Davis filled in for Andre Johnson's seven missed games to compile 33 receptions for 583 yards? That's a 17.7 yards per catch average. The man is a legitimate deep threat when healthy. Last year he was slowed down by injuries to his hand, but a recovered Davis adds another dimension to the Texans offense. Aside from Johnson, do you recall many deep downfield receptions last year? They were few and far between from the rest of the crew, but expect a change this year. He's also vying for punt return duties. He flashed game-changing explosiveness two years ago when he had three kick returns for touchdowns. Last year though, just like his receiving game, it was nonexistent. Needless to say, I'm excited about the prospects of a healthy Apostrophe.

And now for the best/most interesting quotes of the day:

(on the progress of DT Amobi Okoye) "Well, he's practicing better. The first few days, I didn't think he was himself, but then he settled down and practiced pretty darn good. Usually, with most players, that relates to how they play the game, so we'll see, but he's definitely going to get his time on Saturday night. But I like the camp he's having and I think he's been brought along the right way and he's having a good camp." - Gary Kubiak

Whew. I was worried about Manchild. Last year was horrendous to watch until the very end. He attributes the poor play to health, which is fine, as long as he's healthy this year. He looks to be on top of that now and he's showing flashes of the prowess he exhibited his rookie season. Awesome.

(on TE Owen Daniels returning after offseason turmoil) "That tells you what he's made of. I know it's been disappointing for him that we weren't able to get something done, but he's a pro, and we all know that. You don't even know that OD is out here. He never says a word, he just does his job and makes 10 or 15 plays a day. That's why he's going to last a long time and play great football. I think he's going to be fine in the other situation, too. He's what you look for." - Kubes

Was I concerned about how the off-season would effect OD? A little bit, sure. I've been reminded who it is we're talking about though. If there are a few players in the Texans clubhouse not to question, Daniels is one of them.

(on offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan) "Yeah, for how young he is and how much he knows, it's pretty unbelievable. He does a really good job of just communicating with us. With him being younger, he has that ability to get to us and have us understand what he wants out of us. His knowledge and that type of communication is key." - OD

(on offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan) "I'll tell you what, Kyle knows his stuff. He knows how to throw the ball, run the ball. He impresses me each year, and he's getting better. He's real creative with his plays, and it's a pleasure playing in his offense. It's a lot of fun. Obviously, we're going to run the ball well. We're going to pass the ball downfield. We're going to complete the ball a lot. So his offense is fun." - Kevin Walter

Does it seem like I'm admitting a lot of minor worries today? Guess so. Not that I ever doubted Shanahan had the tools to be a great offensive coordinator, but I was intrigued as to how he would follow up his outstanding play calling against Chicago. It seems obvious that it's carried over to training camp. Problem solved.

Shaun Cody and Dan Orlovsky may be happy to be in a winning environment now with the Texans, but they haven't forgotten their not-so-distant past. Unfortunately for them, David Anderson doesn't help the two move on. I can only imagine Anderson's impression of the misstep(s).

Matt Turk wants to end up the oldest player in NFL history. Should I be happy about that? Hmm, what a great poll question. Guess I'll end on that note.