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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Day 12 Recap Edition

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned that I believed Dwayne Bowe was the "best receiver not known" in the NFL. Without a doubt, I'd place Kevin Walter second on that short list. Though it certainly helps playing alongside the most talented (OK, OK, maybe Calvin Johnson is better on a pure talent base), hard working receiver in all of football, Walter has really come into his own as a receiver. When 'Dre missed seven games in 2007, Walter quietly put up 41 catches for 528, including a 12 catch, 160 yard performance against Jacksonville on the road. Sure, not the receiving numbers you'd expect out of a number one receiver in that situation, but for a number two thrown into the fray, it was an outstanding effort. Last year, "the unknown" compiled 60 receptions for 899 yards and eight touchdown catches. That, my friends, is what you call quality numbers from your second receiver. Unfortunately, as Tim alluded to, another spectacular year from Walter and he's probably gone. The team won't be able to support DeMeco Ryans, Owen Daniels, and Steve Slaton (if you think he's going a third year with his current contract, you're delusional) among others along with Walter. As much as I love Walter, one thing I'm going to have to question him about is his use of leg stockings. What sane man wears stockings in 90 degree heat?

James Casey put out another rookie diary. As usual, it's definitely worth your time to read. I'm curious to see the powerpoint that he and Anthony Hill put together.

Here's yesterday's practice recap from the Chronicle. John Busing has really made a name for himself this camp. According to reports, he's a big hitter who's beginning to show some coverage skills. I'm excited to see this guy play in the pre-season. Brice McCain has looked like the real deal so far. He's doing everything from covering Andre Johnson to making interceptions and batting down close passes. If he continues this, he could be much higher on the depth chart than anyone imagined.

And we move on to the most interesting quotes of the day:

(on why LB Kevin Bentley will move to Will instead of LBs Cato June or Xavier Adibi) "Well, Cato is hurt, too. Cato hasn't practiced in two days. His knee has been swelling up on him. We knew we were in a one-a-day mode with him, so that's the biggest reason right now." - Gary Kubiak

Still not sure of Kubiak's reasoning behind this one. Throughout camp we've heard about the battle that was taking place between Adibi and Diles for the WLB spot, and now Bentley is being moved ahead of Adibi as Diles is moved over to SAM? It doesn't make much sense.

Anthony is a great guy and he's a really good friend of mine, but it's a strange deal staying in a hotel with a guy and at the same time having a wife that's literally a mile-and-a-half or two miles away. But she still comes by, so when I have a little time off, I get to see her here and there. Like I said, it's a little strange, but you just have to go with the flow. - James Casey

Yeah, can't argue with Casey on that one. Anthony Hill = replacement wife? I don't think so.

We spent some time looking on the Internet, Googling images and putting together Houston Texans look-alikes as far as players, coaches and anybody we could think of. We got about 12 guys and put it on the slideshow. It went over really well. Everybody was clapping really hard, and we didn't get booed off the stage, thrown in a cold tub or taped to the field goal post or anything like that, so that was good - Thor

Any suggestions on who the pairs might have been?

The hardest hit of the day was turned in by 220-pound safety Brandon Harrison. When running back Ryan Moats came through the middle, Harrison was waiting for him. Even though they’re not supposed to tackle, Harrison took down Moats like it was regular season. - Anna-Megan Raley

Two more days. Two more days, damnit.