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SITE NEWS: Game Day Threads

Since the end of last season, we've been fortunate to pick up a bunch of new users, readers, and/or commenters. As such, I figured I should briefly reiterate how we handle the actual games around these parts.

Four (4) hours before kickoff of each Texans game, an open thread will post to the main page. The Comments of that open thread game day post will be where all of us can share our observations, thoughts, rants, and the like. Our new platform updates the Comments automatically as they're entered, so there's no need to refresh; the new comments will post on their own.

Last year, we did a first half thread and a second half thread each week. Depending on the number of commenters we get, we might have to upgrade to a new open game thread each quarter. We'll play that by ear.

If none of this made any sense, here's an example from last season, and feel free to search the site archives for other past threads. Here's to a great turnout each week.