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Post-Chiefs Injury Update

Unfortunately, it was a pretty rough night for the Texans while they visited Kansas City.

Injuries specifically mentioned by Gary Kubiak in the Sunday afternoon presser include:

  • Joel Dreesen out a couple of days with a hyper-extended knee, and if you saw the hit, you aren't surprised.  And if you're a Longhorn fan (as you should be, natch), it was scarily reminiscent of Blaine Irby's injury last year.  Dreesen hopes to return against the Saints next week.
  • Boomer Grigsby has a high ankle sprain and expects to miss about six weeks.  If you've ever had a high ankle sprain, you know the six weeks estimate is a total WAG.  I doubted we'd carry two FBs from the start, so it's likely Grigsby gets PUPped, a tough break for an obviously hard-worker.  We'll probably sign a FB for at least the rest of pre-season.
  • Sexy Rexy Rex Grossman is out four-to-five weeks due to his hamstring.  I was among those who thought he was yanked due to his Cannon-esque throws, but that's a pretty injured hammy.  The time-line puts him past Opening Day, and my wild speculating says he also gets PUPped.
  • Troy Nolan has a broken hand and surgery coming tomorrow.  Definitely not a guy I expected to make the roster, it's nonetheless a tough break.

A couple more guys Pancakes mentions on his blog that Kubiak doesn't discuss, which include Eric Winston (ankle), Tim Bulman (quad), and Xavier Adibi (broken finger).  Considering these are important cogs and Kubiak doesn't discuss them seems, to me, to be odd.  Technically, Adibi should be able to play with a broken finger, but the extent of the actual injury is unknown.

Do read the Kubiak quotes especially, especially seeing he had good things to say about Frank Okam's play.  Overall, the night was difficult health-wise, especially considering our current spate of injuries.

Edit: Dan in NC emails me to remind me about the PUP rules, which can be found here. Bottom lime is that I was wrong in believing either Grigsby or Grossman can be PUPped at this point, as they can only be placed on IR or left on the active roster.  As Dan says, "the plot thickens," as it'll be tough for the team to be down a couple of players as they head into the first week.  Especially in Grossman's case, it could mean we go with two QBs on the 53-man roster, which is my guess regardless.  Thanks, Dan!