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Feel Bad For Sage Rosenfels?

Call me nostalgic, but the second thing I thought about after hearing the totally predictable news that Brett Favre had unretired yet again was how Sage Rosenfels was getting the short end of the stick. The first thought that struck me was that no football player since O.J. Simpson has done a more thorough job of transforming himself from savior of the gridiron to widely scorned object of contempt than Favre has. I exaggerate, of course, but I know that I have an infinitely more negative view of Brett Favre now than I did two years ago.

Back to Sage...I feel tremendously bad for the guy. His trade to Minnesota was supposed to be his big break in the NFL, and now it's been completely derailed by Favre. Even worse, Sage looked reasonably effective in his first taste of preseason action.

The argument can certainly be made that Sage has no right to feel like got screwed. He's still making millions for playing a game, Favre may well be a better QB than him in 2009, the Vikings don't owe him anything, and so forth. From a Texans' fan perspective, I can understand the notion that the player who gave us the horror that was the Rosencopter deserves no sympathy.

Yet I still feel for Sage. Am I alone? Vote in the poll below.