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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Camp Is Over Edition

The Texans held the annual team luncheon yesterday, which officially marks the end of Texans training camp.  Gary Kubiak gave a good speech in which he stated that he believes wholeheartedly that the team has improved every year.  Despite the recent setback in the New Orleans game, I believe that as well.

All eyes will be on Reliant Stadium when Brett Favre and the Vikings come to town on Monday Night.  As was stated yesterday, the controversial gunslinger will be playing the entire first half.  The Texans have made the preliminary decision to close the roof on Monday night because the heat index is supposed to be 93 degrees at game time.  Hopefully all those Texans fans can take advantage and make as much noise as possible, like Arizona did last year during the playoffs.

The Monday night game will be a packed house, but the regular season opener and several other games have not sold out yet and that has some people worried.  The Texans have never failed to sell out a home game in their 7 year franchise history, and now is not the time to start when we likely have the best team we have ever had. 

One reason for the lack of ticket sales is probably the economy, but another is perception of the team.  Some people simply don't want to support a losing team.  When writers like Richard Justice are cramming negative crap down their throats every two seconds, it's hard to have positive vibes about the hometown boys.

I understand that Justice feels like he's just being honest, but I find it hard to believe that he thinks the Texans are as bad as he lets on.  If I knew nothing about the team and read that article or one of his other tirades, I would swear we were talking about a 3 to 4 win team, not one that has a chance to make the playoffs.

Justice makes some good points, i.e., the fact that 4 out of our 9 all-time first round picks have been spent on defensive linemen, but he doesn't take into account the fact that only two were drafted by the current regime, and one of them was the gutsiest draft decision of the current decade.  Also, he cloaks everything in such negativity that he comes off as petty or even as if he simply doesn't like the organization.

I fully admit that I am on the opposite end of the spectrum as Justice in that I probably don't say enough critical things about the team, but I still feel that spending most of your time trashing the team located in the same city as the newspaper you work for is just bad business, unless they give you no choice.  I'd be very interested to know what all of your general reactions were to his article.