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Texans Down 'N Dirty: Dramatic 180 Edition

Another day, more negativity piled on the Texans.  MJD from Yahoo's Shutdown Corner did a post detailing the announcer assignments for Week 1 of the NFL season.  In said post he asks,

How bad is the opening week slate of games on CBS?  So bad that the network is sending its lead announcing team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms to Houston to call a Texans game.

He goes on to say that people in Houston don't even want to see the game as evidenced by the fact that the event has not sold out.

After reading that post and seeing that Richard Justice wrote one about the team, I figured Justice's latest was going to be continuing the trend of cynicism.  Justice surprised me, however, and wrote ten reasons why the Texans can make the playoffs.  I can't argue with most of his reasoning, although some of it seems to be in direct contradiction to his article that I linked yesterday.

Diehard Chris ponders a scary subject--the rematch of Duane Brown and Jared Allen on Monday night.  I'm not too excited about seeing the White Trash Warrior diving at Matt Schaub's knees again, but Chris used this as an opportunity to look at the progress of Brown and what could/should be expected of him this year.  In his post, Chris points out that Alex Gibbs is in love with Brown.  If Gibbs loves Brown and the progress he's made, it makes me feel a lot better about Schaub's prospects of staying healthy.

Despite giving everyone an entertaining character to watch and root for, the Boomer Grigsby experiment is over.  The Texans decided to waive the linebacker-turned-fullback yesterday after he suffered an injury last week.  I really like Grigsby, and I hope he lands somewhere where they can use his talents.

Lastly, a group of Houston media personalities have made predictions on the Texans end-of-the-season record as well as jusitifcations for those predictions.  My favorite was Representative Gene Green, who by the look of it is not much of a dedicated football fan.