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Open Game Day Thread: Minnesota v. Houston

Yes, it's preseason, but it's still Monday Night Football. Add in the euphoria I feel from today's trade of Travis Johnson, and life seems awfully good right about now.

The passage of time has caused the stink of last weekend's egg against New Orleans to wear off a bit, and we've got the fun of watching the starters play 75% of the game tonight to look forward to. It's as close to regular season football as we can get in the preseason, and several jobs, both starting and backup, are still up for grabs. The focus of the primetime broadcast will surely be on Minnesota's media-shy QB, but MNF is MNF. I'll take it.

Leave your pre-game, in-game, and post-game thoughts, observations, and love notes to Jared Allen in the Comments below. GO TEXANS!