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Are The Texans Ready To Just Give Dunta What He Wants?

It really wouldn’t be a Houston sports franchise without hearing words like "Fractured Fibula" or "The Severity of The Injury is Unknown." Looks like they’re wasting no time this year in Texans training camp.

With the news that starting CB Jacques Reeves is going to be out for the next two months or so, Bob McNair’s checkbook may be fracturing along with the Texans secondary. There are already those clamoring for him to just give the disgruntled Dunta Robinson what he wants. But is that even an option? If you believe sources that writer Vic Carucci has, Dunta has turned down an offer that would have made him the 2nd highest paid defensive back in the league.

If that is indeed true, one has to wonder if he really does want to be here. Has the bridge been burned? Or is this just another national writer pulling stuff out of nowhere? I wouldn’t be surprised if either of those were the case.

But, as it stands right now, we are looking at a starting secondary of Fred Bennett and rookie Brice McCain. That doesn’t exactly strike fear into opposing quarterbacks. Definitely not as much as it scares us Texans fans.