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How Much Media Love Is Too Much?

At every training camp for years now, we have heard all the reasons why the Texans were going to be bad. How they would never be able to compete in their own division. How they were a snake bit team on the road to nowhere. How they would struggle to win 4 games.

But not anymore. No, we have entered new ground as Texans fans. Now we are the new media darlings of the early playoff picks.

A lot of national analysts noticed after Houston dominated Jacksonville on Monday Night Football last season that this was a team on the rise. In fact, many have said that if it wasn’t for Hurricane Ike throwing a wrench (and Galveston Island) into their schedule, Houston would have contended seriously for a wild card spot last season.

I’m really not a "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" kind of guy, so you won't hear any of that talk from me. I heard enough of my fair share of excuses from this organization during the Dom Capers/Charlie Casserly administration to last two lifetimes. Now, it all just sounds like more excuses. So, forgive me if I’m not privy to that garbage. But I digress.

How Houston has become the trendy pick to not only contend for the wild card, but possibly the division, is beyond me. ESPN still hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon. They have to devote too much time to Brett Favre and Michael Vick to worry about some little old ball club from Houston. But when John Lopez of Sports Illustrated (who also writes used to write for the Houston Chronicle, so he may just be being a homer) says this in his latest column:

Yes, print those playoff tickets, Texans fans.

You have to get a little worried. I believe I heard a lot of the same talk about Jacksonville last year. How did that work out for them? Yeah, not so good.

Sure, I am optimistic that we have a shot at the playoffs this year. But to almost guarantee it like Mr. Lopez? Well, I guess I’m just not there yet.

How about you, Texans fans?

(And just in case anyone wonders, I was here for Hurricane Ike. Right in the middle of it, and it wasn’t pretty. So don’t misunderstand me. I’m not trying to be insensitive towards that. Not at all. Simply saying that I didn’t think a pro football team should use that as an excuse to starting the year so poorly.)