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Dear Bud: Please FOAD

Joining the kick-you-in-the-nutz bandwagon is your always accommodating Houston Comicle, whose website features this outstanding lead article and pic:


This on top of the fact the BE-SFs will be wearing Oiler throw-back uniforms?  Are you f*cking kidding me?

I mentioned this on the air with the incredibly hawt David Nuno on Wednesday, but this is a direct insult to you, your football team, and your man/woman-hood.  The NFL gods are kicking you directly in the jimmies, and the local fish-wrap is aiding and abetting in this mental assault on your football sensibilities.

Remember this when you're at a game and boo just a little more lustily and loudly when the BE-SFs are in town.  Bud's earned the hate.