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A Drunken Reaction To The Game

What a let down.  I was trying to explain to my wife why I was so depressed during/after the game when I told her,

"I've been a Texans fan since the inception of the franchise.  That's seven years without a winning season.  Now imagine that you waited seven years for me to propose, and on the night that you thought was going to be "the night", I got naked with your sister.  That's why."

I'm now half into a bottle of scotch because of the "white out" today, and I've been looking for reasons to keep hope.  This team has so much talent, so much potential and yet every year it stumbles out the gate.  EVERY YEAR.  You can make the argument that New York's defense looked outstanding, but the Texans are supposed to be to the level where we can compete with any team in the league now, no matter how good they are.  That definitely wasn't the case today.

Why does Houston get off to such a slow start every year?  I don't know.  The obvious answer is coaching, and many people are already calling for Kubiak's head, but I don't think that's the only reason.  I really like Kubiak, so maybe I give him too much of a pass.  It's either on the players (execution) or on the coaches (scheme).

The ironic thing about Week One is that the majority of us were worried about the defense but considered the offense as close to a sure thing as possible.  The result was the opposite.  Even though the end-of-the-game stats were bloated for Thomas Jones and the Jets' offense, the truth is that the defense played a pretty solid game and simply stayed on the field for too long and got worn out.  I don't have the time of possession numbers handy, but I'm sure it was abhorrently uneven. 

I recorded the game and plan to watch it again to break down individual performances.  Needless to say, I do not look forward to it.  I hope that I see more to be happy about than I did sparingly today, but I doubt it.  I'm sure that many of you have more specific feelings that you wish to vent, so here is your venue.  Let us know what or how you feel about this game.