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Friday's Poll: Which Division Rival Grinds Your Gears The Most?

With Bud Adams & Co. on tap for the Texans' AFC South division opener in a couple days, I figure it'd be a fine time to ask the great mass of BRB: Which AFC South opponent--Colts, Jaguars, or Titans--do you harbor the most ill will for?

Is it the Colts, on account of their maddening habit of sitting atop the division nearly every year? And there was that whole Rosencopter thing they were involved in...

Is it the Jags, on account of the chippy play that tends to mark every game the Texans have with them? There's the added bonus of being able to call Texans-Jags a true rivalry, considering Jacksonville doesn't sport a winning percentage of .900 or better against the good guys.

Or is it the Titans, on account of everything that Bud Adams and his ilk have done since the mid-90s?

Vote in the poll below and elaborate on your reasons why in the Comments below.