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Plenty Of Reasons To Watch The Final Preseason Game

Quarterback Rex Grossman will play for the first time since pulling his hamstring on his first play from scrimmage against Kansas City on August 15th.
Quarterback Rex Grossman will play for the first time since pulling his hamstring on his first play from scrimmage against Kansas City on August 15th.

I am usually the type that watches the final game of the preseason for a few series and then I am done. The starters are usually rested and we watch a bunch of guys play that will probably be working at Discount Tire by that time the following week. But this year, there are certainly some things to watch for.

First off, even though his status changes every five minutes, we could finally get to see first round draft choice Brian Cushing get some playing time Friday against Tampa Bay. The news from camp today was that he was on the field in pads and taking some contact. Some are anxious to get him out there and get him some time to pick up some of the scheme. Others, including me, think we should just rest him one more game and let him loose against the Jets in week 1. No need to rush him. I would hate to see him with that nagging injury all season. Even when his history shows that the chances of that are pretty high already.

Next, apparently Rex Grossman is all better and ready to play. Sweating a roster spot there, Rexy? Well, it’s not like Dan Orlovsky has been a world beater thus far. Rex has virtually zero chance of passing Dan-O on the depth chart, but if he plays well Friday I could see us carrying three QBs for the first time under the Kubiak Era. I’m not a big Grossman fan (who is?), but he is John Elway next to Alex Brink.

Arian Foster, who many people had penciled in as Slaton’s backup from the moment he was signed as an undrafted free agent, will get lots of time on the field Friday. Gary Kubiak was quoted as saying that Foster was "on the bubble." So Foster needs to do something worthwhile against the Bucs' third stringers to make the team. Right now he has to be behind Chris Brown and Ryan Moats. As well as Steve Slaton, of course. He has been banged up almost all preseason and that hasn’t helped his case to make the squad so far. I’d like to see him make the team, but he hasn’t really shown me anything yet. I’m anxious to see if he has any of that burst left that he had the season before his injury at Tennessee.

Then there is every Texans fan's apparent man crush (you know who you are!), James Casey. With Vonta Leach resting a bruised knee, "Thor" will see time at fullback Friday. It is a great opportunity to see his versatility and I am interested to see if they try a wildcat play or two. Doubtful, but it's fun to know that they have that option. And if you can’t try it in the preseason, when can you try it?

Add to all of this that I want to see if Dan Orlovsky can keep from turning the ball over for one game and to see how Xavier Adibi responds to losing his starting job to Zac Diles, and there are plenty of things to be watching for. Besides, what else you got to do on a Friday night?