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Final Cuts: Down To 53

Here are the 20 cuts and 2 injury waivers that did not make the final 53 man roster:

- Alex Brink:  QB

- Arian Foster:  RB

- Jonathan Evans:  FB

- Clark Harris:  TE

- Darnell Jenkins:  WR

- Mark Simmons:  WR

- Brett Helms:  C

- Adrian Jones:  G

- Adam Stenavich:  OT

- Brandon Torrey:  OT

- Cliff Washburn:  OT

- Josh Leonard:  DT

- Tim Jamison:  DE

- Jesse Nading:  DE

- Khary Campbell:  LB

- Buster Davis:  LB

- Toddrick Verdell:  LB (Injury Waiver)

- A.J. Davis:  CB (Injury Waiver)

- Deltha O'Neal:  CB

- Mark Parson:  CB

- Matterral Richardson:  CB

- Brandon Harrison: FS

To me, the most surprising cuts are Arian Foster and Brandon Harrison.  I know that John Busing has had a good preseason, but I still had a sneaking suspicion that Harrison would win that spot.  Also, even though Moats has shown more this training camp, Arian Foster showed more upside, which I thought would win him a spot especially given his similarity to the oft injured Chris Brown.  Lastly, I'm a little surprised that Chaun Thompson beat out Buster Davis, although I think tht is of little consequence either way.

What do you think of the final roster, BRB?