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BREAKING NEWS: Dunta Robinson Will Return Sunday

Dunta Robinson has ended his offseason holdout as reported by Fox 26.  The disgruntled corner back will join the Houston Texans on Sunday and sign his 9.96 million dollar one year contract.  Dunta was trying to convince Rick Smith and the rest of the Texans front office to agree to a clause promising an inability for Robinson to be levied with the franchise tag next year.  Obviously, Smith didn't blink first.

This is good news, but it would have been a lot better a couple of weeks ago.  Robinson did not participate in any offseason activities this year, which would be detrimental to any player but especially one coming off an injury shortened season.  Dunta is certainly better than the current CB's on the roster, but how much better?  The problem is that no one knows,including Gary Kubiak.

So the question is, with only a week to prepare, will Dunta start against the Jets in Week One?  I have a sneaking suspicion that the answer will be yes, but I don't think it would be if Jacques Reeves had not have broken his leg.  Chance are we will see Dunta in Week One, but we will also see a fair amount of rust being shaken off. 

Overall, it's good to have this situation behind us.  What do you think about Dunta against the Jets?  Will he start, and  better yet, should he?