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Who Is The Odd Man Out?

The Houston Texans front office had a busy day on Sunday.  First the team welcomed back disgruntled corner back Dunta Robinson.  Despite the frustration of not having your starting CB in camp, Gary Kubiak went beyond the usually coach cliche speak and seemed to be genuinely happy to have him back.  Dunta himself stressed continually that there are no hard feelings between himself and Rick Smith because "it's just business."  Neither Kubiak nor Dunta were certain that he would be able to play against the Jets this coming Sunday.

Also, the Texans signed eight players to their practice squad; Buster Davis (LB), Arian Foster (RB), Brett Helms (C), TIm Jamison (DE), Darnell Jenkins (WR), Jesse Nading (DE), Mark Parson (CB) and Adam Stenavich (OT).  I personally am happy that we kept Foster and Jamison, both of whom I was worried might get scooped up by another team..

The one move that I am most curious about, though, is the one that hasn't been made yet.  Dunta's presence brings our roster to 54 players, and as of yesterday it is supposed to be done to 53.  The last transaction listed on the Texans website is the signing of Robinson.  I'm sure that a cut has been made or will be made before the day is out, but I'm just curious as to who it will be.  bfd thinks that Nick Fergusun might get the axe, and that Glover Quin will be switch to the safety position.  What's your guess?