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Orlovsky Or Grossman…Not Too Hard Of A Choice

The hot topic over the weekend between Texans fans (aside from Dunta Robinson ending his holdout) is who should be Matt Schaub’s backup once the season begins, Dan Orlovsky or Rex Grossman. Sports radio has been all over it this morning.

A few days ago, people were wondering if Rex Grossman would even make the team. But after his solid performance against Tampa Bay this past Friday, a lot of Texans fans have had more to say about Rex other than the "I’m throwing it downfield" jokes. Even though he did throw it downfield with relative ease. Now people are saying how they like Rex for his experience and are ready to ship Dan Orlovsky out of town for a new water boy.

Actually, Orlovsky was already not too highly thought of so far by Texans fans. And this was before Grossman had the stellar performance last Friday. He shows flashes of brilliance, and then does what used to make me pull my hair out about Sage Rosenfels: You just know a turnover is coming real soon.

Now, I do believe that Orlovsky has the tools to be a pretty quality backup in the future. No doubt about that. He just needs some time. It probably will take him a little bit to shake off the funk of that 0-16 Lions season in 2008. Let him learn behind Schaub and Grossman this season. I believe that would be best for him.

When/If Matt Schaub goes down this season, Grossman should get the nod in this guy's opinion. Let’s face it--the guy has been more successful than any other QB on the roster. That Bears team may have made it to the Super Bowl in spite of Rex, but he has still been to, and played in, a Super Bowl.

But, again, I am in no way trying to sell Orlovsky down the river. I just think that Grossman will be the guy to step in should Schaub go down this year. And I think he should be.

What say you?


Guess it doesn't matter now. According to Nick Scurfield's Twitter


Kubiak just announced after practice that Rex Grossman will be the #2 quarterback vs. the Jets