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Creatively Edited Conversations With Real People

[1/9/10, 9:45 a.m.  My den.]

MDC: [/to self] You know, Jules was right: giving a foot massage is not even the same ballpark as stickin' yo--

Computer: DING!

MDC: [/still to self] It sounds as if a Gchat message has arrived. From whomever could that be?  I shall check the computer now and find out.  [/checks computer to find out]

Tim (via Gchat):  'Sup, dude?  Sent at 9:47 AM on Saturday

MDC (via Gchat): Nothing. I was considering building a replica of Reliant Stadium out of toothpicks, but I've yet to complete the calculations for scaling it down. What are you doing this fine morning?

Tim: LMAO! A toothpick model?? Rly??  I'm just drinking and talking trash Nick Saban on Crimson Tide blogs. LOL!!

MDC: Understandable.  That was a tough loss.

Tim:  Yeah, it was.  And, get this: the Rose Bowl doesn't have Zima!  At all!!!  What a bunch of philistines.  Anywho, I had a thought.  U should totally write for BRB.

MDC: Hmm.  Go on...  Sent at 9:52 AM on Saturday  [/five minutes elapse]

Tim: Sorry, dude. My wife made me put on pants and take out the trash.  LOLOL!!  What was I saying?

MDC:  Me and BRB.

Tim:  Oh, yeah, you should totally write for BRB.  I mean, Kerns is putting stuff up, but BFD and Jake write just enough so I don't BAN them. ROFLMAO!!!!  I think Riott might be dead.  Plus, my wife won't let me spend enough time on the computer these days to do as much posting as I need to.

MDC:  This might work.  I've actually been thinking about it since I did those fanposts.

Tim: I figured.  I'd luv to have you on board.  Um, there are a couple rules, though.  Nothing big.

MDC:  Like what?

Tim: Well, you've worked with BFD before, so you probably already know the big one.

MDC: We don't mention his tendency to grope at blogger functions?

Tim: :-) Yup.

MDC:  Anything else?

Tim:  Nothing big.  When Kerns talks about Avatar, we all just sort of nod and smile.  It's easier for everyone that way.  Beyond that, just try to limit the swearing as much as possible and, well, let's kind of avoid personal attacks for the time being, if you don't mind. LOLLERSKATES!!

MDC:  I can handle that.

Tim: Kewl.  I'll email the rest of the guys and get your BRB ring ordered.  You need the ring to get into our secret meetings.

MDC: Secret meetings?

Tim:  Well, they are only secret from my wife, because otherwise she might not let me go.  But the rings are still awesome!!!11!!  I'll get your permissions changed on BRB now and you can write an introductory post.  Welcome aboard!

MDC:  Sounds good.

Tim:  Crap...I gotta go.  We are going to my mother-in-law's for brunch and then heading to a poetry reading. BUSY DAY!!! :-)  Tim is not online.