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High Five Best Play/Moment of the Season: Votin' Time

All you haters with your hatin' on me for putting up the Jive Five first, and now look at you, cowering in fear at the greatness you are about to witness. Because, and let's face it, the Texans had some incredible moments this year. It's time to vote on your favorite Play or Moment of the year. Get your cowering ready!

In chronological order....

#1: Andre Johnson goes one handed against the BE-SFs. Meth-addled fans confused, try to eat babies.

#2: Andre Johnson: Unstoppable.

#3: Jacoby Jones matured right before our eyes in 2009, culminating with this big time play in this big time play against big time New England (h/t John Lynch).

#4: Brian Cushing, crow maker eating guy, wins your Defensive Rookie of the Year honors.

#5: Matt Schaub leads the NFL in passing, posting the 6th highest yards total in history.

I freaking love that video. Bask in the awesomeness your Houston JUGGERNAUT displayed this year, and vote for your favorite play/moment below!