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A Fully Operational Battle Station?



Greetings fellow BRBers.  You wouldn't believe what just happened.  Turns out if you pump enough Zima into Tim and keep him primed with Filipino prison dance videos you gain power over his inner-most feelings and thoughts.  Result: your friendly neighborhood Texans blog has another writer.  Score!

In any event, I'm super thrilled to join the BRB team.  With the line up of heavy hitters assembled at this blog, I feel like the token Pittsburgh Pirate or Washington National on the NL All-Star team.  My plan is to do a weekly item on whatever I feel like.  If you guys have any suggestions, by all means leave them in the comments.

I also plan on abusing my new-found authority to do things like this:




At this point, we probably have enough writers on this site now to manage to put together enough fluff to get us through the offseason.  Here's to an offseason where every move our beloved franchise makes is the right one which leads playoffs and more!




Your friendly neighborhood tehGrindCrusher.