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BREAKING NEWS: Rick Dennison Hired As Offensive Coordinator

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Rick Dennison, a long time Denver player and coach for the Denver Broncos, has accepted an offer from the Houston Texans to be the next offensive coordinator.  Dennison has an impressive resume as an offensive line coach, and more recently as an offensive coordinator.  It probably also helps that he is a long time colleague and close friend to one Gary Kubiak.

This seemed like a foregone conclusion considering Kubiak said last night that Dennison "left with a contract" last night on his way back to Denver to talk the offer over with his family.  Mr. Bowlen and Josh McDaniels didn't make it easy to stay with the only NFL franchise that he had ever played or coached for considering he was demoted from his offensive coordinator position back to offensive line coach after Mike Shanahan's firing.

I'll have another larger post about Dennison within the next 24 hours, but the succint version is I think this is a good thing for the Texans.  He has a history of producing great zone blocking lines and high powered passing offenses, sound familiar?  What about you BRB, what do you think of the move?