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Hey, Great News, Guys! Dunta Robinson Wants To Stay A Texan!

Of course he does. No other team would be stupid enough to pay him franchise player money, much less offer him the $23,000,000.00 in guaranteed dough he allegedly turned down. In his own words:

"I want to be here," Robinson said. "I've been through some tough times here, and I'm proud of the way we finished and what we can build on.

"I realize this is a business. I won't take things personally like I did last offseason. I'd like to get a long-term deal, but I wouldn't be unhappy about it (if he's tagged again). I'm blessed. You can't be mad when you make $9 million.

"I love my teammates. I love the city. I think this team's going deep into the playoffs next season, and I want to be part of it."

Can't be mad when you make $9,000,000.00, huh? Interesting. Technically, "mad" isn't the same as "betrayed" and/or "disappointed," I guess, in that "betrayed" and "disappointed" are not spelled m-a-d. Regardless, Dunta could've fooled me. I thought he was plenty mad about being paid nearly $10,000,000.00 this season, especially when he refused to report to training camp unless the Texans agreed not to franchise him in 2010.

Thanks for being so gracious, D-Rob. If I was a cynic, I'd comment how his newly expressed wow-I'm-really-blessed-and-almost-ten-million-bucks-for-a-year's-worth-of-work-ain't-so-bad outlook on life is rather fortuitously timed, what with the Texans concluding the first winning campaign in franchise history yesterday despite Dunta Robinson easily having the worst season of his career. Were I predisposed to cynicism, I'd probably write something about how Dunta may finally be realizing that he and his agent(s) badly miscalculated his value last offseason and unbelievably turned down a deal that no other team would've ever given him. And then magnified that miscalculation by doing this.

I'm no cynic. I'm a realist. Thus, let me be frank: I cannot foresee a scenario where Dunta Robinson is plying his trade in Reliant Stadium next year. Unless it's as an opposing player. Or working at a concession stand, which, given his body of work this season, could be a viable option.