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Kubiak's Wish List For New Offensive Coordinator Has Some Familiar Names On It

As Kyle Shanahan is purportedly all but signed, sealed, and bound for delivery to our nation's capital, the eyes of Texans fans turn to the playoffs search for a new offensive coordinator. John McClain says the list of candidates has at least four known names on it:

Kubiak didn't disclose any names on his list, but at the top are, in no apparent order, Munchak, Dennison, Musgrave and Gailey.

"I want somebody with me I'm comfortable with calling the plays," Kubiak said. ""We're going to spend a lot of time working together, and we have to be on the same page. He's going to be a guy I'll be dealing with every day."

Kubiak worked with Dennison, Musgrave and Gailey in Denver. He's never worked with Munchak, who has spent his entire 28-year playing and coaching career the Oilers/Titans.

Munchak has never been an offensive coordinator. He's coached the offensive line since he retired after the 1993 season.

Musgrave, a former NFL quarterback, coached Matt Schaub at the University of Virginia and with the Falcons.

Kubiak tried to bring Dennison with him from the Broncos in 2006, but Mike Shanahan wouldn't let him out of his contract.

Of the four names, Munchak's name intrigues me the most for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the guy has experience coaching the offensive line, and doing it well to boot. This point is particularly salient if Alex Gibbs decides he's not coming back for a third year in Houston. Although the Titans may not rely as heavily on a zone blocking scheme as the Texans do, every team runs some variation of zone to some degree, so it probably wouldn't be asking too much. Plus, given the problems the Texans had running the ball this year, perhaps a move away from a pure zone blocking system is worth considering. Munchak could assist in that endeavor.

With another head coach, I'd be concerned about Munchak's lack of experience as an offensive coordinator. With Kubes, however, it's much less of a problem, as this offense is and will remain Kubes' show. Even with Kyle Shanahan calling the plays, Kubes has maintained veto power. Doubt that would change, no matter who the new OC is.

The question of whether that's a good thing is a separate issue entirely. As head coach, should Kubes delegate the play-calling to someone else? I mean really delegate it, too; not just have an offensive coordinator in title only. If so, Chan Gailey and/or Rick Dennison make more sense, given their experience.

Plus, they have history with Kubes in Denver. That factor alone might mean that Mike Munchak will not be the next offensive coordinator of your Houston Texans.