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Jive Five Call for Contenders: The Worst Moment of the 2009 Season?


Yes, I am blatantly ripping off, so don't ask.  (Note: Love that site!)

Nothing I can think of would ever beat the infamous Rosencopter of 2008, but what was your worst moment of 2009?  Below is a list of possibilities, but please add your own or comment about ones you think should be at the top.  In a couple of days, we'll vote on the season's worst moment.  After this, we'll do the same for the season's best moment.  Here are some of my thoughts in chronological order:

1. Kris Jenkins ragdolls Chris Myers

2. Mark Sanchez, aka "Poisy McPoise" or "Browning Nagle," converts all 86 3rd downs against us in Week 1 as the rookie QB spanks us on our home turf (it was actually 10-18, but it felt like all of them were converted.

3. Chris Johnson is invisible!

4. Chris Brown, noted goal-line back, fumbles into the end-zone against Jacksonville.

5. Chris Brown, noted goal-line back, stuffed by the Cards.

6. Owen Daniels injured in Week 8 versus the Bills.

7. Ryan Moats "fumble" at the Colts' 1 in Week 9.

8. Kris Brown, Part 1 (Colts).

9. Kris Brown, Part 2 (BE-SFs).

10. Chris "Nuke LaLoosh" Brown, noted golden-armed QB.

Which of these 10 deserve to move on the the Final 5 worst plays for your JUGGERNAUT in 2009?  And what suggestions might you have?