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Jive Five Call for Contenders: The Worst Moment of the 2009 Season - Voting Time!



I am not, I repeat, I AM NOT masochistic.

Oh, wait maybe I am.*

Lots of outstanding competitors for the worst moment of the 2009 Houston Texans season. Here are your five finalists. Which one moment this year makes you want to break down at your desk and weep immediately upon thinking about it. The finalists, in chronological order, are:

1. "Nobody is covering Chris Johnson!"

2. Chris Brown gives Jacksonville their first present.

3. Shankapotamus misses against the BE-SFs, failing to send the game into overtime.

4. Chris Brown != George Blanda. Or even Dan Pastorini, for that matter.

5. Dunta Robinson for his 2009 body of work.

Now, yes, I can understand it's cheating creating a Dunta category and not one for either Chris Brown or Kris Brown. There just seemed to be overwhelming enthusiasm to salute Dunta. Vote below!

* You gotta take the bad with the good, and there was a whole lotta good this year as we'll soon see.