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Luv Ya Steel Blue - Episode #7: The Dallas Debacle

Time to chase your whiskey with some coffee and put on the headphones. In this week's edition of Luv Ya Steel Blue, I'm joined by Battle Red Blog's own MDC (formerly of Da Good, Da Bad & DeMeco) to discuss the debacle with the Cowboys, the continuing failures of Frank Bush and a preview of this weekend’s game against the Oakland Raiders.


You can listen to the new episode by clicking here.

Just a little disclaimer...usually the show is pretty family friendly, but anytime you get MDC on there, well, that just goes out the window. So if you are easily offended by bad language, and I don't think many of you are, you may want to go ahead and skip what is easily the most angry episode in this program's short history. Thanks to MDC for coming on and thanks for listening. And, admit love my clever photoshopping job...