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Post-Game Open Thread: Giants Big in Texas, Beat Houston 34-10

If you are a Texans fan then you have already suffered enough today, so the post-game writeup will be short and sweet. Unlike the game against Dallas, the New York Giants completely outplayed and out-schemed the Houston Texans in today's 34-10 beatdown.

The Texans love to attack the middle of the field, so what does New York do? They get their hands up and knock passes down at the line of scrimmage.

The Texans love to run towards the edges, so the Giant defensive ends and linebackers were there and ready to tackle.

The defense's always suspect holes (along the seams and deep) were all exploited. The pass rush? Non-existent.

There was the typical playcalling, penalties, and turnovers that could have been avoided, but if you want to beat the Houston Texans then watch this game tape. The New York Giants just gave everyone the perfect blueprint for dominating the Texans. You have to give credit to the New York defensive line and Hakeem Nicks for executing the blueprint.

Comments are yours if you want to vent, rage, whine, or whatever may cheer you up this fine Sunday afternoon.