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Post-Game Breakdown: Giants Embarrass Texans

Two days later, I'm still not sure how to describe what we saw transpire at Reliant on Sunday. Rivers deemed it "easily the worst loss of the Schaub Era, and probably the worst loss of the Kubiak Era." I think that's a fair analysis, particularly with regard to Matt Schaub, whose play was simply detestable in every possible facet. Unfortunately, we could probably spend a great deal of time dissecting whether this loss was the worst one of the Kubiak Era, as there are a handful of other deserving candidates for the honor.

The most disappointing part, to me, is that entering this season, I thought the Texans had passed the days of getting totally blown out. I really thought that eggs in the form of what was laid against the Jets in the 2009 season opener (PGB for that pathetic display here and here, if you want to subject yourself to the pain again) were history. And yet, we're treated to debacles like what we witnessed against the Giants on Sunday and the Cowboys in Week Three. 40% of the time this season, your Houston Texans have looked totally unprepared and completely failed to execute. Games like that, where we wonder if the Texans even got the memo that they weren't on a bye that week, make me wonder how a team that looked so good against Indianpolis can transform into a squad that looks like an homage to the 2005 Houston Texans. Inevitably, I have a whole lot more questions than answers right now. The inquisition begins after the jump.

1. What happened to Matt Schaub? He looked skittish and unsure of what to do with the ball. When he did manage to get rid of the ball, it found a Texan less than half the time. I also can't recall seeing a 6'5" NFL QB getting so many passes tipped at the line. Since his arrival in Houston, I can't remember him ever looking as bad as he looked on Sunday.

2. How can the Texans not hand the ball off to Arian Foster on their opening drive? On their first four (4) possessions, how does Foster only get four carries?

3. What happened to the offensive line? Was their failure predominantly inspired by the Giants' excellence?

4. Why is Steve Slaton still returning kicks?

5. Not to disrespect the Giants, because they looked like world-beaters, but how does an offense as talented as the Texans' post less than 200 total yards?

6. Andre Johnson did not look right. As great as he is, and as profound an impact as he has on opposing defenses who have to account for him, I really question the wisdom of letting him play last Sunday. This Sunday too, for that matter. Was it just not feasible to rest him through the bye week to allow him to attack the remaining 10 games of the schedule as close to healthy as possible?

7. The lone bright spot from the offense's perspective was Owen Daniels. He looked more like the pre-injury OD than he has at any point this season.

8. Troy Nolan wasn't lighting the world on fire or anything, but I fail to understand why Eugene Wilson got as many snaps as he did.

9. Interceptions for Sherrick McManis and Kareem Jackson. They were akin to someone scooping water off the deck of the Titanic with a teacup.

10. Here's an idea for Frank Bush: Blitz 11 on every snap. Not like your secondary can keep anyone from catching the ball anyway, and you might occasionally get to the QB before he can get rid of the ball.

11. I like to think that every Sunday, in a bunker somewhere at an undisclosed location, Glenn Earl, Petey Faggins, Will Demps, Lewis Sanders, Eric Brown, and Jason Simmons gather to watch the Texans' secondary and say, "I could not possibly be worse than that. How do those guys have jobs and I don't?" At the same time, though in different cities, C.C. Brown, Dunta Robinson, and Phillip Buchanon all laugh nervously and refresh to make sure they're still on active rosters.

12. The problem with benching Kareem Jackson is that it means you have to pick another Texans CB to replace him. None of the options strike me as palatable.

13. Looks like someone got a little carried away predicting the impact Brian Cushing would have in his return. I'm the "Do" of Texans fans.

14. There's a whole lot to question about Gary Kubiak, Rick Dennison, and Frank Bush right now. I'd like to narrow the focus...can someone explain to me why, trailing 24-3 early in the third quarter, Kubes would elect to punt from the NYG 38? I know it was 4th and 13, and I know it ultimately meant nothing, as Kareem Jackson picked off Eli Manning on the next series. But if you're trying to win the game there--I know, I know, suspend your disbelief for a second--why are you giving the ball back? Why not go for it?

The roller coaster continues on Sunday, when the 3-1 Kansas City Chiefs come to town. Will your Houston Texans be playing the part of Dr. Jekyll? Or Mr. Hyde? I haven't the foggiest. All I know is that I'll be sporting my "Houston Texans Away Team" patch.

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