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Revenge Must Have Been Sweet For Sage Rosenfels

It may have slipped your mind, but Sage Rosenfels was in town last Sunday as QB2 for the New York Giants. You've probably blocked out what happened to our beloved Texans that afternoon (Thanks, Bushmills!), as well you should have. But did you know that the man who gave the world the Rosencopter may have played a bigger role in the abject failure of the Houston offense than anyone could have imagined?

From Lance Zierlein's Twitter (h/t the always industrious Rivers McCown):

Sage Rosenfels told Giants coaches about EVERYTHING the Texans would do offensively which is one of the reasons the Giants shut down Texans
That info came straight from a source of Granato's who spoke with Sage. It's not dirty by Sage at all. It's just winning a football game
The Giants had different defensive personnel packages ready to match up with different Texans groupings. Sage was MVP for Perry Fewell.

Oh, clever minx. All's fair in love and football, so I don't begrudge him one iota. Revenge was served, and it tasted horrible. Well played, Rosenfels. Well played.

Don't know about you, but it makes me feel slightly better about the horrors the offense visited upon us on Sunday. As long as Sage doesn't get traded to Kansas City within the next two days, we can hope it won't happen again.

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