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Reminder: Community Guidelines

As new and long-time readers of BRB know, we don't censor much around these parts. We encourage the free exchange of ideas, and we generally err on the side of people opining how they see fit.

All we ask--all that we've ever asked--is that the conversation remain free of personal attacks. In fact, when you register for BRB, these are the community guidelines by which you agree to abide:

No, and we mean NO, personal attacks. Express disagreement about what’s written all you want; that’s what this forum is for. But the second you start attacking the person who wrote it, we reserve the right to ask you to move along.

In reading last week's game thread(s) after the fact, I noticed some problems with people running afoul of this rule. Hence, please allow this to serve as a reminder to abide by what's truly the only steadfast limit we've imposed here.

Take issue with what someone writes to your heart's content. Focus on what's said, not who's saying it. To this end, please don't hurl insults or suggest other users fornicate with themselves, fornicate somewhere else, or fornicate somewhere else and then cease to live.

I've typically found that the best reaction to a comment that's baiting/trolling/unpleasant/etc. is to ignore it or to respond logically. Tempting as it might be, laying into the person who wrote it almost always only succeeds in escalating tensions and deteriorating the substance of the conversation, and that detracts from the experience for everyone.

This is a great community, and it belongs to all of us. Please do what you can to ensure that we maintain the tremendous level of discourse we enjoy here.

Now back to your regularly scheduled commentary...