The Trade Machine: Texans Style

It's apparent one player isn't going to turn this defense into the Steel Curtain or anything of the sort, but we need help none the less. So, channel your inner Smithiak for a day and tell me as GM of the Texans, what would you do before the Tuesday deadline?

A. Go get a veteran corner or safety who can actually cover.

B. Go get a D tackle to help with the pass rush.

C. Fire Frank Bush and change the scheme entirely over the next two weeks and get defensive help

D. Fuck it. Trade for Steve Smith and see if we can outscore our opponents every week.

What do I want to see happen? I think Albert Haynesworth wants to show everyone he can play. He loves the 4-3 scheme and would love to come to a team who needs his help. Truth is, I don't care about his character issues are and it's clear he doesn't want to play for the Redskins. Additionally, the Skins need a back like Slaton to compliment Torrain. I say a 5th rounder and Slaton for Albert. It's kind of a win/win IMO.

If no Haynesworth deal is in the cards, then I'd be fine with getting a decent FS or corner. Maybe McGee from Buffalo or Godfrey from Carolina for a draft pick. Either way, we need to make a move.