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BRBAPALOOZA--Are You Interested In A Texans Watch Party?

Back in August, we had ourselves a BRB Watch Party for the Texans-Cardinals preseason game. Now that we're in the regular season and have had time to grow properly despondent about the Houston defense, what say we do it again?

Last year, we had an official BRB Tailgate at Reliant before the Monday night contest between the Texans and Bud Adams' Army of Darkness. With the new tailgating policy in effect at Reliant, however, getting together during a home game at Reliant might present problems for fans who otherwise might want to attend. Thus, we're of the mind that getting a group together to watch a road game at an appropriate bar might be the best opportunity for BRBers to drink, laugh, drink, cry, and drink together.

If you're interested in attending a watch party here in Houston, which road game would be your preference? Vote in the poll and comment as to any suggested venues.