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Oh no, this thread is back to wreak havoc on the poor life of Rip Jersey. Let's begin...


It's Week 6 of the fantasy season, and the haves have separated themselves from the have-nots in most leagues. Battle Red Blog's official league, The Jonathan Wells Memorial League, was built on different circumstances. And with one week's awful players becoming next week's benched players, it's hard to continue sustained periods of terribleness. It's more about luck than anything. Dumb luck. Which is why killtacular and I are sitting at 2-4 despite having more points than 5-1 league leader Jordann. I should've known better than to invite Jordann; he knows too much about sucking (wink wink nudge nudge say no more.)

After 5-1, we have four 4-2 teams, three 3-3 teams, three 2-4 teams, and one team in dead last at 0-6. Yes, folks, NOLANDERSGONNAFUKUUP is looking doomed in the playoff race. I blame the fact that he's still starting Derek Anderson. That guy is so Week 2.

Another team on the fall is the Fighting Mongooses, who continue to get killed because Vince Young can't stay on the field long enough to accumulate the points he needs to be a truly awful quarterback. They've lost four in a row. Thankfully, they'll get Darren McFadden back next week.

And the league title for overachievement? It has to be Evan and the Farnsworth Parabox, at 4-2 despite scoring the fewest points in the league. Yessir, it's a testament to the leadership of Mark Sanchez that this team continues to trod along arm-and-arm with mediocrity.

Next week's featured match is a showdown between a pair of 4-2 teams--league points leaders The Fighting Cocks of Taco Joe and (LoneSpot's) Schaub's Johnson. I like the way these two teams handle their respective schwartzes. This one will be the kind of game that keeps you coming back for more. At least until their starting quarterbacks get benched. Not that I'm bitter or anything. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.

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