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Saturday Night Tunes

Howdy my peeps!  It's time for a new installment of everybody's favorite fluffy bunny series, Saturday Night Tunes.  Instead of linking to why we're here, I'll just re-hash:

  • I'm too busy to post anything of actual substance.
  • Tim takes my kittens hostage and sends me clips of them meowing in indescribable pain.
  • I throw a fluff post up to satisfy my blogging overlord, thus receiving my kittens back.

It's a vicious cycle.  Join me after the humpty-jump for what I've been listening to lately.

Getting the most play after my refresh has been Mogwai's Rock Action.  This is the second album I've grabbed from them, and I find it to be delightful working music.  Foals' Total Life Forever has also gotten a significant amount of play.  The Talking Heads influence on Foals is readily apparent, but they also, for some reason, remind me of The Cure.

Devo has something new out!  Did you know?!  I did.  I heard a great interview on NPR, and I was excited about their new release, Something Not for Everybody.  And I'll be damned, they were right: this album is very unimpressive and uninspired.

And, yes, I must admit I'm still not over this very odd chick rock phase starring The Asteroid Galaxy Tour, Wavves, and most embarrassingly, Sleigh Bells.

What about you people?  What have y'all been listening to?