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Open Game Day Thread: Texans @ Raiders - V 3.0

Dear Gary Kubiak,

I don't know what your issue was with Arian Foster, but I have some advice for you. When you are averaging 7.2 yards per run attempt then you may want to have more than 13 run attempts. I know the Texans have a capable pass attack, but it may be best to go with what is working. That's just how I see it.

TexansDC on behalf of Battle Red Blog

Personal letter aside, it's a 14-14 tie between the Texans and Raiders. Arian Foster was benched due to a "coach's decision" for the first quarter and a half. The Texans have found success behind Steve Slaton, Derrick Ward, and Joel Dreessen. The Raiders have scored two touchdowns, but they also have allowed four sacks. We have been witnesses to a close, ugly game, but the Texans open the second half with the ball.