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BRBAPALOOZA: Monday Night Football Watch Party

The people have spoken. The next BRBAPALOOZA will occur in just two short days, on Monday, November 1st, as your Houston Texans take on the Colts of Indianapolis. Venue and other assorted details after the jump.

WHAT: Texans v. Colts.
WHEN: Monday, November 1, 2010 at 7:30 p.m. CDT.
WHERE: 360 Sports Lounge (4601 Washington Ave., Suite 150, Houston, TX 77007).

The good people of 360 are being kind enough to give us happy hour prices on drinks throughout the game, and I'm told there may be a deal on appetizers as well. As it is a Texans game, I'm pushing hard for a deal on Chlorox shots; we'll let you know if that comes to pass. If you're planning on joining us, please RSVP in the Comments, along with how many people you'll be bringing with you.

It's a road game. It's Monday Night Football. It's your Houston Texans. Come on out from under the stairs and socialize with other Texans fans at 360 Sports Lounge.

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