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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week: Troy Nolan

This post is sponsored by Sprint.

Before Sunday, your Houston Texans had yet to intercept a pass this year. On Sunday, they intercepted two. Or, rather, the winner of the "Sprint Game Ball of the Week" for Week Four intercepted two.

Based upon their performances in Oakland, Arian Foster and Mario Williams were also deserving candidates for this fictional award brought to you by a wireless carrier, yet neither is the winner of this pretend honor. To some degree, they were victims of their own prior success(es). The Texans had run the ball well before Sunday afternoon, and the Texans had rushed the passer well before they took the field in Oakland. The Texans had not, however, managed to collect a single erroneous pass thrown by an opposing quarterback.

Because of Troy Nolan, the Texans no longer have a goose egg staring at them in the "Interceptions" column in the season stat sheet. Now, there's a "2." That's thanks to Troy Nolan, and that's why he takes the imaginary pigskin home this week.

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