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Guess Who's Back?

I just wanted to drop everyone a line and say "I'm back!" But I'm not the only one...sure, it's old news to everyone else in Texans land by now that Brian Cushing has returned to the team after serving his four-game suspension. But being as I was indisposed since last Thursday, it's still fresh to me.

I know it isn't getting the press on NFL Network or ESPN that the Randy Moss trade is (where did that come from?), but I can't think of a team that will benefit more from adding a player than this dreadful Texans defense. A unit that is dead last in the NFL in total defense, by the way. Still, like MDC and I talked about on my last show, anyone who thinks adding Brian Cushing to this defense is going to fix all of the problems is just a moron. It's like thinking a band-aid is going to fix a wound that clearly needs a series of stitches. On the other hand, to think it won't help at all is just as ridiculous.

Like I was saying to the other guys yesterday, as I was just getting to watch last Sunday's game, I already knew the outcome and I was still cursing and yelling at my TV. The tackling was just sooooo bad. Like college level bad. We all know about the secondary, so I'll let that dead horse rest in peace. Bitching about the secondary is like complaining about Houston weather--gripe all you want but there isn't anything you can do about it (although the weather is really nice right that analogy makes little sense at the moment I guess...).

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Gary Kubiak has been on the radio talking about how great Cushing's conditioning is and how he will start and play most of the game this Sunday. After seeing his workout videos for DeFranco's Gym, this isn't exactly shocking news. But what level should we expect him to play at against Eli and the Giants at Reliant in a few days? He is going to be rusty, no doubt. This is basically his preseason, even though he did actually compete in preseason. To think he is going to come in this Sunday and just not miss a beat might be a little more optimistic than even Bob Marley would be after burning out some of his favorite herb.

Again, to say it won't be a charge to this lackluster defense would be just asinine. Cushing will play and he will surely play well. Yes, he will miss plays that we got accustomed to seeing him make last year, and it will have many proclaim that he isn't the same anymore. In fact, every single play he misses on will be met with jokes about how he "forgot to juice this morning" or garbage like that. It's to be expected, and the possibility that he won't be the same player is there, of course. Personally, I'm not seeing that as even a remote possibility.

But I've been wrong before. I'm sure as hell excited to find out this Sunday. What do you expect, BRB nation?

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