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Don't Put This One All on Frank Bush...

I usually don't like to do recaps this soon after an ass kicking of this magnitude.I usually just end up saying that everyone should be fired from the Coach all the way down to the towel boys. But since the 4th quarter isn't looking much like it will be worth watching, I decided to get a head start since I'll be too busy in the morning. Even though it was brought up, I am doubtful it will have the same late game magic effect like it did when I started early on the recap for the Redskins game back in week two.

But as for this game, where to begin...

I would have to say the coaching. Now, I am as guilty as anyone this season in blaming Frank Bush for everything short of World War III (and only that is a matter of time). But you can't put this one ALL on him, as usual. Don't get me wrong, the defense was up to par on their usual garbage performance. But there were more people wearing the headsets this evening that deserve every bit as much of the blame as BRB's usual whipping boy.

We'll dive into the ranting after the jump...

For about two season now, I have been on record as saying it was past time for a change at head coach for the Houston Texans. Gary Kubiak is a great human being and a swell guy, I'm sure. But I just haven't believed that he has the chops to be a leader of men for quite some time now. And regardless of the 4-3 record, many are starting to cross the picket line over into Camp "Fire Gary." Tonight should be as much of a reason why as any.

Horrible play calling. Terrible timeout usage. Piss poor game planning. You name it, it went wrong. And after a while, you can't just say "Fire Frank Bush" and "Fire Rick Dennison" before the conductor starts to get called out for the orchestras poor sound. Especially when he goes in front of the press every week and pulls a Tracy McGrady and says "This one was on me."

I can't say anything about Frank Bush that hasn't already been said. There were times tonight where a defensive players name was called (like Brian Cushing) and I was like "Oh yeah...I forgot he's on this team." Another game of nearly 400 yards and 30 points surrendered. Should we even be surprised by now? It's really so far past the point of wondering just how bad this defense has to be before Frank Bush is relieved of his post.

A lot of times while Richard Smith was still the defensive coordinator, people used the phrase "this defense has too much talent to be this bad." And I agreed. But now with another defensive coordinator and the same exact problems, perhaps we as fans have overrated the personnel on defense. Bernard Pollard is good for a sound byte and a big hit once in a while, but is he really that good of a player? Mario Williams is one of the best ends in the league when he wants to be. Brian Cushing looks to be a waste and middle linebacker (although that's probably jumping the gun after one game) and even I have begun to wonder if Zac Diles could even wrap up and bring down BFD in an open field situation. Then, seeing Mario Williams yelling at Bill Kollar on the sidelines midway through the 4th just shows the ultimate signs of a unit in disarray. Besides, even if Frank Bush was fired I have no faith in Bob McNair to hire anyone that would be considered an upgrade.

I could care less about a 4-3 record. The Colts are better than us, the Titans are way better than us and the Jaguars beat the piss out of the Cowboys in Dallas. A team whose lone win this season was a f*ckstomping of these same Houston Texans. Oh yeah, the Jags beat the Colts, too.

Two miraculous comeback wins (including one incredibly lucky "icing the kicker" moment) are the only things keeping this team from being 2-5. And with the schedule only getting more difficult from here, it just might be time to stop making excuses for Gary Kubiak. How many years of being a middle of the pack football team do we really need before we say enough is enough? I know most of you don't want Jon Gruden. I know almost all of you don't want Bill Cowher. But it is obvious that this regime is never going to get this franchise over the hump. Regardless of the talent on the roster. Sure, we're only 7 games into the season. But do you honestly believe that the defensive unit will just simply "have a light come on" and all of a sudden not be atrocious? Well, if you do then I pass me a cup of whatever you're drinking. Ah, screw the cup! Just give me the bottle!