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When Just Losing Isn't Enough...

<em><strong>And for one week, David Garrard helped Kareem Jackson not be public enemy number one amongst Texans fans...</strong></em>
And for one week, David Garrard helped Kareem Jackson not be public enemy number one amongst Texans fans...

Like the title says, when just losing isn't enough you can always count on your last place Houston Texans to succeed in finding new and uncanny ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Last week it was an Andre Johnson dropkick into the defenders hands about six yards away. This week, Glover Quin has a clean shot at an interception on a last second Hail Mary and he chooses to play volleyball and bat it right onto Mike Thomas' hands for the game winning score.

To put it simply, right now even Lions fans feel bad for us.

If you can stomach the pain, the rest of the recap is after the jump...

Continuing their modus operandi, Houston decided to be a one half team that has every opportunity to win the game at the very end but just find a way to come up short. With the much maligned Texans defense hold Jacksonville to a field goal and two punts in their first three offensive possessions, one had to wonder if we were watching the right team. But when we saw the offense plagued by questionable play calling and three and outs, it was very clear that the answer was yes. We were certainly watching the right team.

We all knew the defense wouldn't hold up to their early performance and Houston fond itself down 17-3 at the break. Which was spent by myself perusing through Twitter and reading about the pain every Texans fan out there seemingly wanted to induce to the Texans coaching staff.

But what happened as the second half began didn't really surprise too many. Being the ever one half team, they quickly fought back to tie the game at 17. Then they swapped touchdowns with the Jaguars to have the game knotted at 24 before the unthinkable coda transpired. Josh Scobee botched his second kick of the day that would have put the Jags up three with about an minute and a half to play. Houston had burned all of its timeouts and looked to have finally gotten the prayer the fans had been asking Durga for since most of us can remember.

Now, before I get to this part of the recap, let me just give you a glint into how I've felt about this team since the New York Giants game. Maybe it is just nine years of this shit finally killing my emotions towards this team, but I have just become indifferent to them. It sounds terrible to say this, but after that game I have went into every game since expecting them to lose. That way, if they find a way to win, it's just playing with house money. I've long been called negative and a pessimist about this team and I argued that I was just a realist. But this team just may have pushed me over that edge today of being a huge pessimist about them. Because I look on the schedule and I'm not sure I see one or two more wins left in this unit. In short, I just don't let it bother me anymore.

Okay, now that that is out of the way, I can describe my emotions as the events in the closing seconds played out. When Scobee missed that field goal in the final two minutes and Houston got the ball, I still didn't feel like Houston would find a way to win. Call it just a hunch. We've seen it enough times to know better. And then when plays keep getting called as passes over the middle of the field with no time outs...what the hell is going on over there??!?! And the Dreessen fumble really didn't bother me at the time because I didn't believe they could have gotten back to the line and spiked the ball in time to attempt a game winner. Boy, did it bother me a few plays later...

By now, we all know how the last play of the game happened. I can't come up with anything better to describe my emotions of it, so I will quote what MDC said to me in our angry text conversation after the game:

"Only a Frank Bush-coached team would bat that ball forward instead of f---ing catching it! I hope everyone in the secondary dies..."

Well put.

In my opinion, and the opinion of many, this game was a MUST to even have a shot at 8-8 this season. In that, and the Texans defense giving up 400+ yards (491, to be exact) and 30+ points, at least the Texans remain consistent.

I took out about a fifth of Jameson's before writing this, so I'm just flat out getting bored. So at this point, I'll let you guys take over this recap and rant away. BLEACH FOR EVERYBODY!!!