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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week: Andre Johnson

Two imaginary honors in a row for 'Dre. Makes it awfully easy to write this one up. So easy, in fact, that I only have to ever so slightly tweak the last write-up.

It's not Andre Johnson's fault that Gary Kubiak and/or Rick Dennison decided to throw sanity and Arian Foster to the wind on Monday night Sunday afternoon. 'Dre just did what 'Dre does: Terrorize opposing defenses, this time to the tune of 7 9 catches for 106 146 yards and a TD. He even came back from another tweaked ankle. Simply put, Andre Johnson is more god than man. The least we can do is bestow this prestigous, fictional award upon him.

Congrats to 'Dre for this tremendous honor, which I have to believe ranks at or near the top of his list of career achievements. The Sprint Game Ball Of The Week is why players train so hard all year, people. It's bigger than the Super Bowl.

Andre Johnson makes this all so easy.

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