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Only one and a half long months of terribleness left for fantasy football this year, and the official league of Battle Red Blog, The Jonathan Wells Memorial League, is reaching its crescendo. 

Only three games remain until the chaos is all over, and we're having an NBA-style mediocrity shootout to see which of our 11 teams that aren't completely terrible can avoid finishing in the bottom three spots. nolander, owner of NOLANDERSGONNAFUKUUP, has indeed messed us all up by going for fantasy glory: 0-10, with just three weeks remaining to win a game despite having a roster that actually tries. Dwayne Bowe is hurting the cause by actually showing up to games lately, but franchise QB Matt Cassel could help turn things around, so we can say that nollie got too little, too late.

In first place, Jordann's Sage Rosenfels Starting QB is 8-2 and has clinched a playoff spot. Josh Freeman has been mediocrity gold, but can Jordann weather the storm that is Jonathan Stewart's injury and find a replacement running back? He may need to find help on the waiver wire.

While it's not improbable for one of the over-.500 teams to nosedive, the bottom of the table battle focuses more on The Farnsworth Paraboxes and their descent to earth after starting 4-2. It turns out drafting a bunch of retired guys and never logging in again has been a bad strategy. Look for things to continue to get worse this week as Mark Sanchez draws the Texans defense. Evan has a pack of hungry 4-6 and 3-7 teams to try and fend off, including the Brian St. Pierre led Fuck It I'm Going Deep and Tony Hollings' Opus. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.

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