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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

Although tomorrow will be the fourth intradivision game your Houston Texans have played in 2010, it marks the first time they've tangled with Bud Adams' Army of Darkness this year. As you've probably read with varying degrees of delight over the last week, things are a bit unsettled in Nashville these days. There's turmoil afoot in Tennessee, and they'll be starting a rookie sixth-rounder named Rusty Smith at QB.

99 times out of 100, you'd give the defense the advantage in that matchup. The 2010 Houston Texans defense? The all-too-rare-and-putrid exception to that rule, my friends. Can the Houston offense overcome the handicap that is the Houston defense? Specific predictions, inspired by the spirits--equal parts paranormal and sour mash--await after the jump.

1. Although the Titans will no doubt lean on their rushing attack, Rusty Smith's still going to throw for 240 yards and 2 TDs. Both will be of the 25+ yard variety, and both will be to Randy Moss. Chris Johnson's also going to notch a TD on the ground en route to 119 rushing yards.

2. Bud Adams' minions aren't Houston-bad when it comes to pass defense (I reckon that'd be almost statistically impossible), but they're well below average. Matt Schaub will throw for 280 yards and a pair of TDs. Andre Johnson is going to make Cortland Finnegan look like the love child of Brice McCain and a traffic cone. Put 'Dre down for 8 catches, 121 receiving yards, and a TD.

3. In their first ten games of the season, the Titans have allowed only one (1) opposing RB to break 100 yards on the ground. After tomorrow, the Titans will have allowed two (2) opposing RBs to break 100 rushing yards. Arian Foster accounts for 163 total yards, with 118 and a TD coming via 21 carries.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: The Texans have yet to hold an opponent under 24 points this year, and I see no reason--not even a rookie QB making his first start--for that to change tomorrow. Even with a secondary that often provides less resistance than a slight breeze, I believe the Texans are the better team right now. Admittedly, that may be the whiskey talking. Nevertheless: Titans 24, Texans 27.

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