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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Texans Injuries/Inactives

Somehow, I can't think of a better sponsor for a Texans blog than Absolut. Together with Captain Morgan, we are two-thirds of the way to a fair representation of things Texans fans will be chugging before, during, and after the game. Clorox, we're still waiting!

As Texans fans have become used to this year, Owen Daniels will again sit with his hamstring injury. At this point, the surprise would be when the club says he's on pace to come back. I know it seems longer because we are Texans fans, but there are still seven weeks left to go in this season. This will be the fourth straight week Daniels is out, and he has not even been close to practicing fully. 

Jesse Nading will be out again this week, so the role of dropping a defensive end back into pass coverage will instead go to Mario Williams. For some reason. Xavier Adibi is out again after snapping his string of consecutive weeks wearing street clothes.

The only two questionable Texans are wideout David Anderson and defensive tackle Shaun Cody. Cody was ill from Thursday on, meaning he didn't get to eat any turkey, so look for him to continue to get pushed around at the point of attack while making 2 or 3 decent plays a game to make you forget that fact. Anderson was limited on Thursday with a hamstring injury that, apparently, was suffered in practice on Wednesday. 

Please keep in mind to mix your acids and bases well--don't overdo it on the Absolut, Captain, or Clorox. Try to keep it well balanced. If you're a Texans fan, you should probably already know better than to operate machinery under the influence, specifically on days when you're likely to feel the embarrassment that is Rusty Smith decimating your secondary.