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Open Game Day Thread: Titans Vs. Texans - Second Half

I'm going to post the defense's stats again. Why? They just had their best half of football all season, so it deserves to get some praise.

In five drives, the Houston Texans defense has allowed zero points, two 1st downs, 54 total offensive yards (which Nick Scurfield says is the second lowest total in franchise history), and four (4) total yards to Chris Johnson. There has been one Mario Williams sack, three times Brian Cushing has tackled someone for a loss, a Glover Quin interception, and a Kareem Jackson pass defensed.

I am stunned, but what doesn't stun me? Arian Foster and Andre Johnson leading the offensive charge against the Titans defense. The Texans are up 14-0 with 30 minutes of football left.