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Sponsored Post -- Vicks: Who Powered Through -- NFL Gameday Remedies For NFL Fans

Like most Texans fans, I have a fever. Instead of the cure being the (more) cowbell, which has drowned out our senses and led to things like "not running the ball down the throat of one of the worst run defenses in the league," or the now forgotten "punting down 13 with six minutes left on the clock." I believe the remedy to be a few bottles of Vicks and a new head coach. So let's go way into the wayback machine and take a look at the candidates: 

The more I get a look at Leslie Frazier's resume, the less I'm convinced that he'd be a good head coach. He's suddenly the mastermind of a defense that can't get any sacks with a front four that includes Jared Allen, Ray Edwards, and Kevin Williams? Yeesh. I mean, I'm sure his vision would be better than Frank Bush's, but that's damning with praise so faint that Bernard Pollard might not even lose it in coverage.

I'm still big on Sean McDermott, who has yet to coach a defense that hasn't cracked FO's Top 10 in DVOA, and John Fox, who I feel is creating useful defensive schemes in Carolina over and over again only to have his offense muck them up. Come to think of it, if we could somehow just fuse Kubiak and Fox into one head coach, Kubox might be the best coach in the NFL. 

I threw this around the BRB mailing list and I think the only couple of new names that came up were Jim Harbaugh and Mike Mularkey. Do you have a dark horse in this race?

At this point, I just figured we were going to have a ton of posts this week about what a failure Gary Kubiak was in his last game and how we're going nowhere, etc. So why not get something proactive going out of it? Who do you want to take the reins of the Houston Texans that is a realistic candidate to coach here? Who would you want as your main coordinator to accentuate your head coaches weaknesses? 

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